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Changes in store for 2024

2024 will bring changes to Alpacas from MaRS!

Let me say a huge thank you to all the wonderful people that have visited and supported Alpacas from MaRS over the past 24 years! You have helped us continue to live our lives alongside of the ever-enchanting alpaca, dive into all things fleece related, and share our farm experiences.

Unfortunately, we have never completely recovered from the effects of the pandemic, so we are shifting gears a

The Reality of Alpaca Ownership, 16 yrs and counting.

16 years and counting, do I still look at alpaca ownership in the same way? In a word, no. The reality is, my perspective on alpacas has grown tremendously along with the personal growth I've gone through in the process. The alpacas are still the incredibly cute and enchanting creatures that I fell in love with so many years ago, that much has not changed. Originally the alpacas afforded us a way to make a lifestyle change, a move from the suburbs to small acreage in a rural area. We enjoye

Our 14th Anniversary as Alpacas from MaRS!

We're celebrating our 14th anniversary as Alpacas from MaRS! Our first alpacas arrived at the farm in the fall of 1999, but we quickly decided we loved these enchanting creatures and we purchased our first bred female in February of 2000.

From day one our goal has always been to produce the finest, most consistent fleeces that we can. Our breeding program has been focused on heathly alpacas with fine fleece that keeps it's fineness as the alpaca ages. We took our time growing our h

The War on Weeds

As an owner of livestock, I like to think that I go the extra steps to raise healthy stock. Several years back we had a couple of females that fell sick due to kidney failure. Our vets were wonderful and they ran every test they could think of, but we didn't get any answers. The next year, we lost Isara, a beautiful fawn female. Once again, it was kidney failure, but this time we had tissue samples to test. Blood draws on other girls in the group revealed that 5 others had signs of kidney i

"the end justifies the means"

I guess to some my short weekend trip to attend a local alpaca show would be considered a vacation or an excuse to skip out on farm chores for a couple of days, I would call it an inspiration! Many of us go through our work days in a routine, possibly mundane fashion, and I admit that it's sometimes the case for me when the days are dark and dreary. I look forward to the days of sunshine, warmer weather, new crias in the pastures, and flowers brightening the gardens. And it's also the time fo

Spring has finally Sprung, or so it seems.

It's been a long, dreary winter here in the NW. While much of the nation has reached record highs in early spring, we've had record lows with lots of rain, wind, and even snow. As we reach the end of April the signs of spring are finally popping up literally with smiling daffodils and beautiful tulips.

The grass is growing and the alpacas can't wait to be let out to pasture, but for the meantime they help with yard maintenance! Each year we seem to have trouble getting the gas po

The chill is in the air and it's time to wear alpaca!

Am I sorry that summer has come to an end on MaRS? Not really. The excitement of new crias running in the pastures, and farm visits are the highlights of the year, but summer is also the time to work on fence lines and tackle the farm to-do list. I think fall is probably my favorite season of the year. It's the time of year to enjoy all that you've worked hard to accomplish before the cold of mid-winter sets in. It's the time of year I find to be the most creative.

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