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Basic Alpaca Care

Alpaca 101 from MaRS

Pricing: $50.00
Additional instruction on fleece evaluation and use is also available for an additional fee.

All clients of Alpacas from MaRS receive mentorship and hands-on training as part of their purchase.
Call for Details: 425-870-9403

Service Description

Alpacas from MaRS has owned and bred huacaya alpacas since 1999. This one on one, hands-on service is available for those that are looking into alpaca ownership, or for those that have recently acquired alpacas but have no mentor.

*Herd Health
*Barn and Farm Layout
*Pasture Management

Terms of Service

Children are welcome but please understand that this is meant to be a hands on educational situation. Content may be altered to provide specific information required by participant.

Contact us via email: or by phone (425)870-9403.