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Why to choose Alpacas from MaRS

Alpacas from MaRS was established in 1999 and we aren't planning on going away anytime soon!  We are well aware of todays rescue situations and retirement/liquidation sales, so what sets us apart?  Alpacas, like other livestock, are a long time commitment and we think a support system is extremely important.  We provide the following services for our clients:

  • Educate and provide hands-on training for basic alpaca care.  Anyone that purchases from Alpacas from MaRS will know how to provide daily care for their alpacas.  This includes basic nutrition, toenail trimming, body scoring evaluation, tooth trimming, and injections. 
  • Resources for fleece outlets.  We are actively involved with getting alpaca fleece into the commercial market and we are a collection site for the Alpaca Blanket Project.
  • We can show you how to sort and clean your fleece to ready it for production, whether on a commercial level or for your private use.
  • Individual histories on your alpacas are available, there's no guessing what their backgrounds are genetically, emotionally, and medically.
  • 24/7 emergency assistance.  If you have a question or concern we are here to help.  Although we are not vets, we can provide guidance and if need be, veterinary contacts.
  • Reproductive guarantees with breeding stock.
  • Breeding Alpacas are registered and BVDV tested negative
  • Breeding services at client rates.
  • Handling techniques and halter fitting.
  • Complimentary delivery within 60 miles.
  • References Available
  • Connection to 4H programs

Updated May 15, 2020