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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Spring has finally Sprung, or so it seems.

even the young ones know their job!

even the young ones know their job!

It's been a long, dreary winter here in the NW. While much of the nation has reached record highs in early spring, we've had record lows with lots of rain, wind, and even snow. As we reach the end of April the signs of spring are finally popping up literally with smiling daffodils and beautiful tulips.

The grass is growing and the alpacas can't wait to be let out to pasture, but for the meantime they help with yard maintenance! Each year we seem to have trouble getting the gas powered mowers in working order, coincidence? Maybe not! Seems alpaca power has it's advantages, no need to worry about them tearing up the yard with their soft padded feet or over-grazing and pulling up the roots. Nope, alpacas are serious about their grass cutting job and they are happy to do it.

Next month brings our annual shearing, then cria births and breeding decisions fall close behind.

Gotta love spring!